About Us.

Our billing terms are net 30 days on account purchases. We also accept C.O.D. orders, Visa, MasterCard and Interac.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your product purchase, simply return for a full credit.

Thank you for choosing Bay City as your supplier of quality maintenance products.

189 Brock Street Barrie, ON

L4N 2M3

Phone: (705) 728-4332
Email : info@baycitysms.ca
Fax : (705) 728-4335

Toll Free: 1-800-265-5950


We strive to provide the best selection of high quality products and equipment. We keep our customers up to date with the latest technology in regards to Green Solutions and are committed to do so on an on going basis.


1. To provide the highest quality products to our customers

2. To supply environmentally responsible products

3. To ensure customer service at the highest level

4. Quality equipment from leading manufacturers

5. Delivery in a timely fashion

6. Product knowledge and customer training

7. Give the customer the right solutions to their problems

8. Continue to introduce new, high quality products

9. Strive for customer satisfaction

High Quality Products

We carry the best selection of products & equipment for our customers

Environmentally Responsible

Exceptional cleaning products with the environment in mind

Excellent Customer Service

Our product knowledge, customer training and service accountability make us second to none

Delivery to YOU

We deliver our products to you on time and on budget

The right solutions

We can find you the right products and equipment for your needs

Product Innovation

We will continue to introduce new and innovative products to our customers

Open to the PUblic

We provide professional quality products to professionals and individuals

Product Knowledge

We make sure to provide our customers with industry leading product knowledge