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Industrial Packaging

Health and Safety

Toilet Paper

Hotel Amenities

Food Service




Washroom Care



Carpet Care

Floor Care





Brooms, Brushes and Accessories

Triggers, Sprayers, and Bottles

Washroom Supplies

Waste Management

Cleaning Chemicals

Pumps and Sprayers

Window Cleaning

Health and Safety

Floor Care

Windows Cleaning

Waste Management 

Bucket and Wringers



Environmentally Preferred Products

Environmental Chemicals



Clay Based, Silica Free

Aluminum Acid Wash

Aluminum Brightener

Upholstery Cleaners

White Wall Cleaners

Engine Degreaser

Floor Squeegees

Garage Floor Cleaner

Oil Absorbent

Tire Dressing

Wiping Rags

Service Floor Mats

Poly Seat Covers

Vehicle Wash


Bags, Poly, Paper

Clear Recycle, Frosted, Rhino

Grocery, Hardware, Notion

Sanitary Bags, Shopping

Car Seat, Furniture Covers

Garbage Bags

Food Service


Carpet Care

Spot and Stain Removers

Water Extraction Cleaners

Water Extraction Equipment

Box Style, Self Contained

Mini Spotters, Detailers

Vacuums: Upright, Drum,

Wet/Dry Canister, Back Pack


Carpet Dryers

Foam Suppressors

Carpet Protection

Interm Cleaners


Stainless Steel, General Purpose

Disinfectants, Enzyme, Glass

Deodorizers, Tile & Grout

Insecticides, Pool & Spa

Aluminum Acids, Waterless

NON – WHIMIS, Silica Free

Environmentally Responsible

Mold & Mildew Cleaners

Bowl Cleaners, Bleach

Degreasers, Sanitizers

Cream Cleansers, Virox


Automatic Scrubbers

Ride On, Self propelled

Battery, Propane, Electric

Single & Dual Speed, Mini’s

Grout Machines, Steam

Sweepers: Ride or Walk

Vacuums: Upright, Drum

Wet/Dry Canister, Back Pack

Wide Area, Battery Operated

Floor Machines


Floor Care

Wet mop & Micro fiber Systems

Stripers, Sealers, Finishes

Maintainers, Dust Mopping

Detergents, Neutralizing

Degreasing, Floor Pads

Baseboard Maintainers

Wax Applicators

Laminate Programs

Hard Floor Care

Food Service

Kitchen Matting, Anti Microbial

Folding Cartons, Baking

Catering Supplies, Cups: Foam

Paper & Plastic, Napkins all

Types & Sizes, Hair Nets

Disposable Gloves, Bleach

Descaler, Fryer & Griddle

Maintainers, Oven Cleaners

Dishwashing Systems

Sanitizer, Rinse, Detergents

Powder & Liquid Detergents

Grease Trap Maintainers

Mops, Pest Control

Hand Soap

Anti Bacterial, Waterless

Industrial, Dry Powder, Bar

Body Washes & Shampoos

Designer Soap Systems

Foaming & Liquid

Non Fragrance

Healthy & Safety

Face & Hearing Protection

Protective Clothing, Gloves

First Aid Kits, Eye Wash

Head Protection, Signs

MSDS Binders, Posters

Labels, Info Centers

Hotel Amenities

Laundry & Utility Carts

Micro Fiber Cloth Systems

Complete Lines of Designer

Soap, Shampoo, etc.

Housekeeping Carts


Oil Absorbent: Clay/Silica Free

Packing Supplies: Pallet Wrap

Twine & Strapping, Lubricants

Industrial Rags, Safety Tapes

Spill Response Kits

Sweeping Compound

Bubble Wrap, etc.


Tank Sprays, Wax Applicators

Wet Floor Signs, Rags, Wipers

Brooms, Brushes, Buckets

Pails, Doodlebug, Dusters

Dust Pans, Micro Fiber, Ext.

Poles, Floor Pads, Ladders

Utility Carts, Rubber Gloves

Disposable Gloves, Mops

Mop Buckets & Wringers

Scouring Pads, Sponges

Spray Bottles & Triggers


Scraper, Scraper/Wiper, Wiper

Link, Grease Resistant, Foam

Recessed Well, Looper, Arena

Anti: Static, Fatigue, Slip

Safety & Ergonomic.

Entrance Matting

Complete Lines


Oil Waste & Storage Bins

Litter Scoops, Tilt Trucks

Platform Trucks, Hand Carts

Ash Tray & Sand Urns

Graffiti Remover

Recycle Containers

Refuse Containers

Office waste Baskets, Slim Jim

Marshall Containers, Brute

Recycling Containers, Frost

Full Lines in: Rubbermaid

Poly & Metal Receptacles

Lids: Dome, Swing Flat

Continental & United

Sanitary Bins

Ammoniated & Non, Acidic


Squeegees, Scrapers, Sponges

Extension Poles, Harnesses

Window Buckets, Brushes

Window Washers, Lambs

Wool, Micro Fiber, Power

Washers, Glass Cleaners

Complete Lines


Ice Melter & Rock Salt

Spreaders: Hand Held/Push

Winter Rinse, Winter Window

Litter Scoops, Insecticides

Salt Storage Bins


Natural & White All Sizes

Controlled Dispensing

Single Fold, Multi-Fold

Household, Centre Pull

Facial Tissue, Chix Kim

Bar Towel, Industrial Strength

Roll Towel

Linen Fiber

Washroom Products

Toilet Tissue, Jumbo, Jr.

Wrapped Individual, Interfold

Controlled Systems, Kleenex

Deodorizer, Urinal Pucks

Scented Screens, Soap

Dispensers, Auto Systems,

Towel Dispensers, Mirrors

Hand Rails, Hand Dryers

Sanitary Napkin Bins, Waste

Receptacles, Partitions

Sanitary Napkin Vending

Auto Air Fresheners, Enzyme

Products, Bio-X, Bowl Acids

HCL & Phosphoric, New Salt

Technology, Powdered

Cream Cleansers, Bowl Mops

Disinfectant Cleaners, Wet

Floor Signs, Bowl Caddies

Urine Odour Eliminators

Drain Openers, Plungers

Foot Mats, etc.

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